Our Beloved is Here

Dear Tavik,

As I sit here and listen to your perfect newborn grunts and satisfied coos it’s hard to believe everything we have gone through to get here.  

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The Murphys Creative Forest Lifestyle Family and Maternity 2014 www.stephiophotography.com

The Murphys

These three are about to become a family of four and they will be equalling the playing field. Brogan is going to be the best big brother around to his baby sister!

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The Marshalls

Real Life Newborn-Family Session, Port Huron, MI

I love watching the dynamics change when the second child is brought home. I guess it could be because I'm a second child and it fascinates me to see how without even knowing it, life changes so much in an instant.

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Newborn Lifestyle Photography Flint, Michigan www.stephiophotography.com

The Silvestri’s

Real Life Newborn-Family Session, Flint, MI

What a privilege it is to be able to step into the lives and homes of dear friends all along life's journey.

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Lifestyle Family Newborn Photoshoot Sarnia Ontario www.stephiophotography.com

The Maidmans

Real Life Newborn-Family Session, Sarnia, ON

I'm so excited to share these photos with you!  

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Carson has entered the Building!

Introducing Carson Edward Maidman….well he’s over 2 months old now…seriously where does the time go.  I’m sure you will be seeing lots of shots of this little guy in the future. 

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Brothers in a Dangerous Time

Do you know what relationship has the potential to be the longest lasting friendship here on earth? You guessed it…brothers and sisters. 

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As many of you know on November 14th, 2010 Zyan Gregory Musselman came into this world.  He has quite the story about how he entered this world but that is a story in itself. 

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