Our Beloved is Here

the arrival of Tavik David Ouellette

Dear Tavik,

As I sit here and listen to your perfect newborn grunts and satisfied coos it’s hard to believe everything we have gone through to get here.  But it makes it all worth it.  You have only been here just over a week and I already couldn’t imagine life without you.  You truly are our miracle baby.  After years of praying and waiting, we were overjoyed when we finally got the good news.  I tried my best to enjoy every moment I could while you grew in my belly (not always successfully … I can’t believe what our bodies can do!).

When it was time for you to come out you decided to let us wait just a little longer to meet you and when you finally did arrive after twenty four hours of labour and a hard delivery, the next morning you gave us another scare and had to be rushed to intensive care at the London Children’s hospital. They monitored and tested you to make sure everything was okay, as well as tested my faith once again.   So many people all over this country and beyond were praying for you, it was amazing to see how much you were already so loved!  Finally a week later we got to bring you home, after you continued to show improvement every day and all the tests came back normal.  You are sleeping, eating, and growing just like you should be, making me so happy!  I feel so blessed to have you here with us and excited to watch you grow into the man God has called you to be.

With all my Love,

Your Mama.


p.s. i found this song a couple weeks ago and thought it could be our song.


Soundtrack: Allman Brown & Liz Lawrence - Sons and Daughters