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Falleg Land. Iceland.

As many of you already know last week myself, Chad and 3 other friends got back from a magical island located across the Atlantic Sea.  It all started a couple months ago when I saw this video on someone's tumblr and knew that it was somewhere I would visit someday. Then Nathan, Dan, and Rachel started talking about how tickets to Iceland had gone down in price because the recent eruption of the  Eyjafjallajökull Volcano.  I guess it scared some of the tourists away.  They had seen the Sigur Ros documentary and knew they wanted to go there someday too!  Then I showed them the promo video and the Mielke's showed us the Sigur Ros video and it was settled, we were going to Iceland.  We picked our date and off we went on a plane across the sea.  It's hard to describe in words what this place is like and I think the photos don't even do it justice.  You will just have to go yourself!  But nonetheless, here are a few photos from the trip.  Iceland is truly a beautiful country where God's greatness is seen everywhere!

I have so many photos to share I have decided to split it up into 3 posts. This is the first one…there may not be many people in these photos…but don't worry I have some with people coming soon!


Check out Nathan's Iceland photos here!